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Busy Bee

I have been a very busy bee lately. Since our living room ceiling was being repaired and repainted I decided to get rid of the magnolia and add a splash of blue to the walls. I'm loving the way the accents of red in the details of the room pop out against the blue. Anything was better that magnolia, we are now no longer living in a complete magnolia box and I am already planning painting the downstairs loo before the Star Wars party on May 1st. As I was on a roll I decided to ten tackle the garden and spent 3 days digging out building rubble from what is now our new flower bed. I can not believe the amount of slabs, bricks, rocks and rubbish that was under our turf, no wonder the grass was failing to grow properly there. The edging was a nightmare to put in but its finished now and looks great :) Swing seat is arriving on Monday so I can sit in the garden and read when and if its sunny again.


Few things I need to get done this week.

Apply for jobs
Register at docs and make an appointment
get quote for scratch on car (oops :S)
post Fiona's birthday present
create graphic image for company
post credit card fraud thing
clean floors in house
sort stuff out for ebay
help chris sort his room out so we can get in and play guitar


Female 26 and loving life :)

Jun. 16th, 2009

I passed my degree :D whooo
Falkirk college degree art show tomorrow 10am - 8pm

Our marketing department is rubbish and has not advertised it properly. Would be good to see some of you there :) tell anyone you know who lives close by.

becoming vegitarian

Watched Earthlings the other day and it made me realise a lot of things. Its horrific to think of all those people out there treating animals the way they do. Well I made a decision to not condone and fuel this industry any longer and have now become vegetarian. Yes we were designed to eat meet but we were not designed to make animals suffer in such horrible ways. I love meet and this will be a hard transition to get used to and even though im only one person I can still save 280 animals a year from awful torturous deaths by being vegetarian. My ultimate aim is to be vegan but it might take a while since I dont like soya milk.

Easter weekend continued....

Forgot to mention Chris and I went on a tour round some galleries in Glasgow on Tuesday :) - Kelvingrove gallery and the Huntarian Gallery. While in town we took a trip along to Guitar Guitar to try out some Bass guitars since Chris said I could have one for my birthday :D I got a shiny red one, look see

Its a Yamaha and nice and light for my shoulder and did I mention its shiny and red :D


Easter weekend

Its been a busy easter weekend. On Friday we headed down to Nottingham for Pete and Louisa's wedding on the Saturday. Chris had booked a hire car which was way to complicated for me to drive. My attempt at driving it led us up a one way road at a service station :S so Chris did all the driving from then on. The wedding was lovely and and the venue was too. I ended up wearing a very similar dress to the bridesmaids without knowing till we got there but no one noticed, I had toned it down with an ivory shrug, shoes and bag and didnt wear the ribbon that comes with it so it was ok.

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On Sunday we headed into Nottingham city for lunch at Wagamama and a movie (rocking the boat, which was really good) Before which we went on the Nottingham wheel its really high :S lucky Chris didn't rock it.

Later that evening we popped round to Claire's house to see her new baby girl and meet her partner Pete. It was really good catching up with them since we never have time usually every time we are down that way.

Monday was the trip home and a stop of in Manchester on the way. The project im now working on is for the Library there so I had to take photos of the site and see the collections.

Overall it was a good weekend and thing are semi back to normal again.

Lots this week

Had arranged a Flickr meet over on the group I set up called "Historic Scotland". More people than I thought showed up to take photos on Inchmahome Priory so I was really chuffed.

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We couldnt stay for very long due to having to also drive down to Dunoon. Wish we had been able to because it looks like they continued on to Doune castle where there was a wedding on.

It was Fiona and Max's house warming party in Dunoon. There new house is amazing! Its a flat with a downstairs and amazing views over the loch. It was a good night and after, Chris and I walked back to his mums(AKA my dads old house). Really miss doing that walk at night, I had forgotten how quiet it is along there.

Mum came to visit this week and keep me company while Chris was away in London. We had a pampering session and watched many films on apple TV :)

This weekend we are off to Pete and Louisa's wedding :) Someone forgot to get their suit dry cleaned since it was a mess and covered in dust. Lucky for him he has an amazing wife who remembered yesterday and got it done and fixed before they shut for easter weekend.

Realised my hair is getting really long again :D that didnt take long at all.

Mar. 27th, 2009

Metallica and Machinehead last night where awesome!

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